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      1. I've shut down .

        It seems that this is necessary in order to maintain my privacy. I'm sad about that, but some people don't accept or respect the fact that there are good reasons for wanting to be anonymous on the internet.

        I've enjoyed the chance to share things with you over the last seven years. The articles, photos, and comments you contributed were a gift to me and to everybody who stopped by to read the site.

        Best wishes to all of you. To the kind and respectful readers: thank you for enriching my life.

        May 20th, 2015

        P.S: Looking for other Gabriola blogs to read? Check out Microfishing, and gratis free bonus ora simpenan muter.

        P.P.S. I appreciate the responses to this announcement from other Gabriola blogs, particularly this one from Microfishing: This is why we n't have nice things.